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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Christmas Miracle...Vatican Calls For Truce With The US Nuns

Here is one more result of the Francis' effect on the Roman Catholic Church.

The final report on the Religious Sisters was released today after five years of investigation by the Vatican which was prompted by the sisters' involvement in social issues. The language was conciliatory and praised the sisters' work. It reversed the direction from what seemed like the nuns were going to be taken over by the men of the Vatican.

Sister Sharon Holland at the conclusion of the article in the New York Daily News says of Pope Francis leadership: "I'm willing to give him all sorts of credit."

New York Daily News Article On The Final Document On The Investigation Of The US Sisters

Friday, November 28, 2014

Finland Latest Country To Recognize Marriage Equality...Sometimes You Have To Read The Comments...

The Story And Picture From Box Turtle Bulletin

The picture made Finland look romantic enough to me to make me think: "I'd like to go there."  On second thought: "It's probably too cold." Then I read the comments that indicated the picture accompanying the article was not Finland.

A commentator suggested the writer skipped past the pictures of Tom of Finland and picked the first spectacular scene and landscape that "google" provided for Finland. The consensus is the picture for the article is not Finland.

For this post, here is one of Tom of Finland's drawings. Maybe Finland wouldn't be so cold.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's A Gay Day In Rome

There's the beatification of Paul VI. There has been speculation over the years that Paul VI"[suffered] from same-sex attraction." The words Cardinal Burke uses to describe same sex orientation. Then the mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, transcribed sixteen same-sex marriages into city hall registers today. These same-sex marriages had been celebrated in other countries.

This extended family looks pretty happy to be with their gay relatives and right next to the Vatican, also.

A few more family photographs

Additional Pictures From the Mayor Of Rome On Today's Same-Sex Wedding Celebration

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cardinal Burke In A Tail Spin

The news today has the Vatican backtracking on the positive statements about gay people and same sex relationships made yesterday in a working report from the Family Synod. CNN is saying this and quoting Cardinal Burke that the document has no foundation in scripture.

CNN Report

In a significant development from Friday, Pope Francis has added six progressives from four continents to work on the final document. This is after the conservatives elected several of their own to the same committee.

Pope adds progressives to committee drafting the final report

UPDATE...10/15/14: Cardinal Burke is an Aristotelian and Thomistic idiot. I think Aristotle and Thomas would at least begin with the real world and human experience. It also sounds like Burke has breathing difficulties. Burke just rattles on with, it seems no knowledge of experience or life.

His Eminence Cardinal Burke

At about 1:40 Burke talks about someone living a disordered relationship with another person. Then, it seems he only presumes that this relationship is centered and focused around acts that are evil and wrong. Can he say what he means? What acts? How does he know? That is about point 2:15. Then Burke, I think in total ignorance and with absolutely no knowledge of any persons in a same sex relationship, has the audacity to say the people in these relationships are unhappy. 2:35...How does he know? Has he talked to any gay or lesbian couples?

The people I know and have known in same sex relationships are very happy. My guess is they are not sex maniacs engaging in, what Burke calls, acts that are evil and wrong. I have to admire whoever wrote those lines in the relatio about the sacrifice in the lives of gay and lesbian couples.

UPDATE 2....10/17/14...Cardinal Burke exiled to an island in the Mediterranean.

Cardinal Burke Exiled

Link to BuzzFeed Where It All Came Out...